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Who will ship vinyl waterproof mattresses to Montreal Quebec?
Jun. 29, 2023

Nine Clouds Beds ships vinyl waterproof mattresses to most parts of Canada vacuum packed and boxed.

Here's a general overview of how vacuum-packed mattresses work:

  1. Compression: The mattress is first compressed using specialized machinery. This process involves applying pressure to the mattress, which compresses the foam, springs, or other materials inside.

  2. Vacuum Sealing: Once the mattress is compressed to a desired size, it is placed inside a plastic bag or wrap. The air is then removed from the packaging using a vacuum pump or machine, creating a vacuum environment inside.

  3. Sealing: Once the air is removed, the packaging is quickly sealed to maintain the vacuum. This airtight seal prevents air from re-entering the packaging and re-expanding the mattress.

  4. Packaging: The vacuum-sealed mattress is then typically placed inside a compact box for shipping and storage. The smaller packaging allows for more efficient transportation and reduces shipping costs.

  5. Unpacking: When you receive the vacuum-packed mattress, you will need to unbox it carefully. Once the mattress is removed from the packaging, the vacuum seal is broken, and air gradually enters the mattress.

  6. Expansion: Once the vacuum seal is broken, the mattress will start to expand. It may take a few hours to a couple of days for the mattress to fully regain its original shape and size. During this time, it's recommended to leave the mattress in a well-ventilated room to allow it to expand and air out any potential odors.

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