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About Us
A little bit about our family and a lot about what we believe in as a store

About Us

Things we believe in:


We believe in beds that you can touch so we have a showroom.

We believe there is not just one perfect mattress for everyone in the whole world.

We believe you should lie down on your next mattress in a showroom before you buy and we have a big one.

We believe you should be able to buy a custom size mattress in every price range and quality so we have at least twenty models on display at all times.

We believe only by carefully listening to our customers will it lead to a long term happy purchase.

We believe you should check our reputation online and compare it to our competitors.

We believe in not hiring pushy salespeople.....ever.

We believe in only hiring happy people so it says so right in the headline of our want ads.

We believe in offering quality over price.....every time.

We believe in only offering products that are reliable. If they're not they are out of here.

We believe in offering beds only from manufacturers who support you as you deserve after purchase.

We believe in helping you find what you’re looking for even if we don’t sell it..

We believe in working ourselves on important holidays so our employees can be with their families.


Family run, with just one happy location:


I'm Bill Laidlaw, for over two decades I have sat behind a desk at Glen Erin & Dundas and I'm happy to say that unlike me it has never gotten old.

My wife Judy has worked considerably more at Nine Clouds over the last few years now that our kids have reached at least their middle teens. She is the calming voice you'll find answering the phones on busy weekends.

Our oldest Cameron (center) was just four when I began in the bed business, by the time he was eight he and his buddies would often plead to come to the store just to jump from mattress to mattress, He's almost twenty five now. Caitlin (left) was born in 1996 just a couple of years before we moved to Mississauga from Oakville. Connor (right) was born just months before that move in 1998.


In 1995 we ran a quit smoking contest, & someone did

Back in the nineties when smoking in the workplace was not just allowed but the norm, I made an offer to all employees. Quit lighting up for two full months and receive a $500 bonus on your next paycheck. Everyone’s eyes lit up with excitement.

Almost everyone was in their late thirties or early forties except for one stout delivery man who was maybe all of twenty five. It will not come as a surprise to you I’m sure that older staff, with a long smoking history, all found it impossible to quit. But “The Kid” I am happy to report did so successfully! “I was going to do it anyways” I vividly recall him telling me. I truly hope he’s still on that smoke-free band wagon long after leaving us for greener pastures. The difference that would be making now in his life would make all of us here smile broadly.


In 2010 we started to close at 8 p.m. on weeknights

For years we were open every weekday from ten in the morning to nine at night. In the late 2000’s I started to contemplate closing an hour earlier because customer habits seemed to be changing. The store was now often empty during that last hour, but of course every business person wonders how many customers they’ll miss out on if their doors are closed.

The decision became a very simple one for me shortly after senior salesman David received the devastating news that his effervescent Jean would have to suffer through debilitating rounds of Chemo. This needed treatment left Jean so terribly tired that David would only have a few short minutes with her each night after work before she' would fall asleep.. Our hours changed the same day I that I heard this heartbreaking story.

Closing time remains 8 p.m. to this day and will never go back to 9 p.m. on my watch.


In 2018 we started to close at 6 p.m. on weeknights

It became clear to me because I started working full days at the store again in 2018 that less and less customers visited the showroom after 6 p.m.

Asking staff to stay past their family's normal diner time at home was no longer necessary and changing our hours was happily received by all. 

Getting home at 6:15 instead of 8:15 makes a huge difference in how you view your day and I love it as well.