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You don’t remember me do you?
Mar. 26, 2019

A couple of times a month a customer I greet in the showroom will reach out with their right hand as if we are friends. I always clasp their hand firmly and say somewhat sheepishly “I’m sorry do we know each other?”

Virtually every time they answer “no we don’t, I just wanted to introduce myself” and I smile and thank them.

Yesterday that wasn’t the case, they had bought from me before, and immediately recognized me. I am usually pretty good with faces, very good with voices and not so good with names (I always have to write them down to have a chance). The three of us quickly selected a new firm queen size mattress.

Extra Firm Mattress displayed in Mississauga

A colleague finished up the paperwork for them while I went back to helping another customer who had been looking an adjustable bed at the same time. 

I made sure to thank those previous customers for coming back as they walked towards the front door and I also asked them their names. One of them said to me with a broad knowing smile “you know us, we don’t have to tell you”. 

After reading their names on today’s invoice I looked them up and it turns out they bought from me six years ago! I only wish I still (ever) had that good a memory and I’m sincerely grateful they came back.