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Why do people choose California king size mattresses?
Sep. 05, 2023

People choose California king size mattresses for a variety of reasons, and their choice often depends on their specific needs and preferences. Here are some of the common reasons why people opt for California king size mattresses:

  1. Size: California king mattresses are one of the largest standard mattress sizes available, measuring 72 inches in width and 84 inches in length. This extra length can be especially appealing to taller individuals or couples who want more room to stretch out comfortably.

  2. Couples: California king mattresses are often chosen by couples who prefer a spacious sleeping surface. The width of a California king mattress (72 inches) is the same as a standard king size mattress, but the added length can help prevent feet from hanging off the end for taller individuals. (100% wrong, a standard king mattress is 76" wide)

  3. Room Size: The larger size of California king mattresses may be better suited for larger bedrooms with ample space. If you have a spacious master bedroom, this size can help fill the space and create a more luxurious sleeping area. ( Actually the opposite is true, it's people who have smaller bedrooms but still want a bed larger than a queen that sometimes buy California kings because a mattress four inches narrower than a standard king will more easily allow, chests, dressers and night stands to fit in)

  4. Custom Bed Frames: Some people choose California king size mattresses because they have custom or unique bed frames or furniture that can accommodate this size but not a standard king or queen mattress. (Occasionally I have had customers visit Nine Clouds who were tricked by an unscrupulous retailer into buying a California king bed frame and didn't know it until it was too late to change)

  5. Individual Comfort: Even if not sharing the bed with a partner, some individuals prefer the extra room a California king size mattress offers for personal comfort. They may appreciate the spaciousness for various sleeping positions or personal space. (Not a good reason)

  6. Tall Individuals: Taller individuals, in particular, often find California king size mattresses more comfortable as they offer the added length needed for their height. (100% true and the main reason)

  7. Luxury and Comfort: For those who prioritize comfort and luxury in their bedroom, the California king size mattress provides a generous sleeping surface that can enhance the overall sleeping experience. (True but a bad reason)

  8. Allergies or Sleep Issues: Some people with specific sleep issues or allergies may prefer larger mattresses as they allow for more freedom of movement without disturbing a partner. This can be especially relevant if one person tends to move around or get up during the night.(100% not a reason)