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Who made the world’s first memory foam mattress?
Aug. 08, 2023

The memory foam technology was eventually adapted for commercial use, and the first memory foam mattress for consumers was introduced by the company Tempur-Pedic in the 1990s. Tempur-Pedic pioneered the commercial application of memory foam, and their mattresses quickly gained popularity for their ability to provide exceptional support and pressure relief. Since then, memory foam mattresses have become a widely used and popular bedding choice for many

The world's first memory foam mattress was invented by NASA engineers in the 1960s. It was originally developed for NASA's aircraft seats to improve cushioning and crash protection for pilots and passengers during flights. The material was called "temper foam" and later became known as memory foam due to its ability to remember its original shape after pressure was applied and removed.


(Memory foam mattresses popularity peaked in the mid 2010s, I would say 90% of the customers who walk into Nine Clouds Beds say "We need a new mattress but do NOT show us memory foam)

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