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Who can make me a 51” by 71” mattress for my wall bed?
Jul. 23, 2023

As an AI language model, I don't have the capability to physically create or produce products. However, I can guide you on how to find a 51" by 71" mattress for your wall bed.

  1. Mattress Retailers: Check with local mattress retailers or furniture stores. Visit their showrooms or browse their websites to see if they have the specific size you need. Some retailers may also offer custom mattress sizes, so it's worth asking if they can accommodate your request. (Almost no one will be able to accommodate you, it's best to search on line to try and find retailers who actively make custom sizes like Nine Clouds Beds)

  2. Online Retailers: Numerous online retailers specialize in custom-sized mattresses. You can search for "custom-sized mattress" or "51x71 mattress" to find options that match your requirements. (I would suggest it's very important to visit a showroom to try samples first unless the mattress is going in a guest room)

  3. Mattress Manufacturers: Reach out to mattress manufacturers directly and inquire about the possibility of creating a mattress in the size you need. Some manufacturers may offer custom sizing services for certain models. (No manufacturer you've ever heard of will make custom mattresses)

  4. Carpenters and Local Craftsmen: If you're unable to find a pre-made mattress in the exact size you need, you can consider reaching out to local carpenters or craftsmen who specialize in custom furniture. They might be able to create a mattress to fit your specific measurements. (This is simply a bad idea, asking a carpenter to make a mattress?)

When getting a custom mattress, ensure that the materials used are of high quality and meet your comfort preferences by visiting the showroom of the retailer.

Nine Clouds Beds in Mississauga can make a custom size mattress for you that feels identical to any of there (20-25) showroom samples, please visit.