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Where should I look for the serial number on my Carol home hospital bed?
May. 11, 2023

The location of the serial number on a Carol home hospital bed may vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, there are a few common places where you can typically find the serial number:

  1. Bed Frame: Check the metal frame of the bed. Look for a sticker or engraved plate that displays the serial number. It is often located near the headboard or footboard.

  2. Control Panel: Examine the control panel or remote control that is used to operate the bed. Some models may have the serial number printed on the back or bottom of the control panel.

  3. User Manual: Refer to the user manual or documentation that came with the bed. The serial number might be listed on the first few pages or in a section specifically dedicated to identification numbers.

  4. Shipping Box or Packaging: If you still have the original packaging or shipping box, check for any labels or stickers that may display the serial number.

If you're unable to locate the serial number using these methods, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer or the company from which you purchased the bed. They should be able to provide guidance on where to find the serial number specific to your Carol home hospital bed model.