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Where did the name Nine Clouds come from?
Mar. 17, 2019


More than a decade ago our oldest son and I went to a three day business course at a marketing school in Austin Texas. After covering the planned material the last few hours were opened up for participants who had questions or topics they wanted to cover.

I asked if the teachers had any processes for naming a business? I was hustled to the front of the classroom, where my classmates peppered me with questions about my mattress business and then each of them made a name suggestion.

After much discussion the two best ideas as deemed by our lead teacher were Cloud Nine and Forty Winks. I recall vividly our teacher thanking me and then lamenting to the class that in his experience that no one ever has the nerve to use the help the class just provided. I quickly answered “Just watch me”.

I let them both ruminate for a few days while I returned home to Mississauga. Cloud Nine sounded peaceful and less dated/more relevant than Forty Winks and thus became my preferred choice.

I went online to register the domain Cloud Nine .com or Cloud Nine .ca but I sadly found both were already taken in every conceivable formation and domain. The wheels in my noggin started turning and a few minutes later I typed Nine Clouds (Nine Cloud with no “s” seemed awkward) into Google and found very few links (a good thing if a customer is searching for you) and both the dot com and dot ca were still available so I scooped the two of them up.

And Nine Clouds was born.