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What’s was the colour of the year for 2021 and how did it affect decorating trends?
Feb. 09, 2021

The color of the year for 2021 was Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow, a combination of a soft gray and a bright yellow, as announced by Pantone Color Institute. This was the first time in the history of Pantone's color of the year that two colors were chosen together to represent the year.

The combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow was chosen to represent the "message of strength and hopefulness," with the gray representing resilience and the yellow symbolizing positivity and energy. This color combination was meant to evoke feelings of optimism and hopefulness, reflecting the mood of the world during a challenging time.

In terms of decorating trends, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow were seen as a versatile combination that could be used in a variety of ways. The soft gray provided a neutral base that could be paired with other colors, while the bright yellow added a pop of energy and vibrancy.

Many designers used this color combination to create a sense of balance and harmony in their spaces. The yellow was often used as an accent color in pillows, throws, and artwork, while the gray was used as a base color on walls and larger pieces of furniture.

In fashion, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow were also popular, with designers incorporating the colors into clothing and accessories. The combination of the soft gray and bright yellow was seen as a way to create a bold and confident look that was also practical and versatile.

Overall, the choice of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow as the color of the year for 2021 had a significant impact on decorating trends, providing a sense of optimism and hope during a difficult time.