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What’s the best mattress to help prevent bed sores?
Mar. 12, 2022

At Nine Clouds we have three levels of bed sore prevention mattresses.


Bed sore relieving mattress for sale in Ontario

The Glissando mattress is designed to prevent friction and shear, which can contribute to pressure ulcer development, while providing comfort for the resident.
Water-resistant 2-way stretch polyurethane cover with welded seams
Two layers of high-density foam with a patented gliding layer move independently as bed articulates to reduce friction and shear
Laser-cut castellations break the surface tension of the foam allowing for maximized body contact, minimal shear, increased airflow and optimized pressure reduction
Built in side supports enhance sidewall stability facilitating safe, controlled resident positioning and transfer


Air Mattress to prevent bed sores in Ontario

The lightweight and easy-to-use microAIR MA500 Alternating Pressure Mattress System with Low Air Loss aids in the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Injuries.

-2-in-1 alternating pressure cycles help ensure protection for those with low to medium risk
-Cell in cell design helps prevent bottoming out in the event of a power failure
-Natural heel slope is designed to decrease pressure in the vulnerable heel area
-Soft nylon urethane backed cells are designed to provide easy cleaning and help minimize the proliferation of bacterial growth
-Highly vapor permeable and oversized pliable quilted nylon top cover is designed to provide low shear, friction and moisture protection


lateral rotation air mattress for sale in Ontario

Lateral Rotation and True Low Air Loss in the Lateral Rotation Low Air Loss Mattress System help provide Pressure Relief and Moisture Management, with built-in Side Bolsters for added safety.

• True Low Air Loss Therapy provides extra comfort for moisture and temperature control
• Inflatable built-in side bolsters with manual connectors can be removed as needed to aid with ease of ingress and egress
• Auto Firm Mode provides quick maximum inflation within seconds to aid with transfers and nursing procedures
• Customizable cycle times to meet help meet varying needs