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What if we asked Samuel Coleridge to rewrite Nine Clouds Beds “We Believe” statements?
Mar. 18, 2023

Oh beds, how they speak to the very heart of our existence! For we believe in beds that you can touch, dear friends, and thus have we crafted a wondrous showroom. And lo, there is not but one perfect mattress for all souls, but many to choose from. Come, lie down on your next mattress in our showroom, which is vast and sprawling.

For we hold fast to the belief that every person should be able to purchase a custom size mattress in every price range and quality, and thus have we laid out no less than twenty models on display at all times. Only by carefully listening to our customers can we ensure their long-term happiness, for this is our ultimate aim.

Do not simply take our word for it, for we urge you to check our reputation online and compare it to our competitors. We shun pushy salespeople, oh yes we do, and only hire happy souls as we make clear in the headline of our want ads.

Quality over price, every time, for we will not offer products that are not reliable. Out they go, post-haste! And only shall we offer beds from manufacturers who support you, dear friends, as you rightly deserve after purchase.

We are here to help you find what you seek, even if we do not offer it ourselves. And yes, we shall work on important holidays so that our employees may be with their families, for such is our belief in the importance of family and community.

Nine Clouds Beds "We Believe" statements