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What does it mean if a steel coil in a mattress is twice-tempered?
Jun. 08, 2023

When a steel coil in a mattress is described as "twice tempered," it means that the coil has undergone a specific heat treatment process called tempering twice. Tempering is a method used to strengthen and enhance the properties of steel.

The tempering process involves heating the steel coil to a high temperature and then cooling it down rapidly. This rapid cooling is typically done with the help of water or oil. The purpose of tempering is to reduce the hardness and brittleness of the steel while increasing its toughness and flexibility.

By subjecting the steel coil to two rounds of tempering, it is likely that the manufacturer is aiming to further enhance its performance characteristics. The double tempering process can lead to a coil that is more durable, resilient, and capable of withstanding repeated compression and expansion cycles that occur with mattress use.

Twice-tempered steel coils are often used in high-quality mattresses, as they provide better support and longevity compared to single-tempered coils. The extra tempering process helps ensure that the coils maintain their shape and structural integrity over time, contributing to the overall comfort and lifespan of the mattress.