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What are the top ten reasons to put two twin extra long mattresses side by side instead of one solid king mattress?
May. 09, 2023

  1. Flexibility: By using two twin XL mattresses instead of a single king mattress, you can easily adjust the arrangement of the beds to suit your needs. You can move the beds around, separate them, or put them together as needed.

  2. Comfort: Two twin XL mattresses allow each sleeper to choose their preferred level of firmness or softness. This is especially important for couples who have different preferences for mattress firmness.

  3. Cost-effectiveness: Twin XL mattresses are typically less expensive than king mattresses, so purchasing two twin XLs may be a more cost-effective option. (Actually the opposite is true, two twin xl mattresses always cost more than a king size of the same model)

  4. Easier to move: Twin XL mattresses are lighter and easier to move than king mattresses. This can be especially important if you need to move the beds frequently or if you live in a multi-level home.

  5. Easy to clean: Cleaning two twin XL mattresses may be easier than cleaning a single king mattress. You can easily remove and wash the sheets and bedding from each mattress separately.

  6. No middle gap: One of the downsides of a king mattress is that it often has a gap in the middle where the two halves meet. Using two twin XL mattresses eliminates this gap, ensuring that there is a smooth, seamless sleeping surface. (Completely wrong, the opposite is true)

  7. More sleep space: Two twin XL mattresses side by side provide more sleep space than a single king mattress. This can be especially beneficial for couples who need extra room to spread out. (Two twin xls provide the exact same amount of space)

  8. Health benefits: Sleeping on a separate mattress from your partner can help reduce motion transfer, which can lead to a better night's sleep. Additionally, having separate mattresses can be beneficial for couples who have different sleep patterns or medical conditions.

  9. Variety of bedding options: With two twin XL mattresses, you have the option to use different bedding on each bed, allowing for more variety in style and comfort. (while true I am pretty sure no one has every done this)

  10. Versatility: If you ever need to accommodate guests, you can easily separate the twin XL mattresses and use them in separate rooms. This gives you added versatility and flexibility for your living arrangements.

Twin Xl mattresses start at $569 at Nine Clouds Beds