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What are the most common mattress sizes in India?
Apr. 28, 2023

In India, the most common mattress sizes are often influenced by the standard international sizes but may vary slightly in dimensions. Here are the most common mattress sizes found in India:

  1. Single: 72 x 36 inches (182 x 91 cm) - This size is suitable for children, teenagers, or single adults.
  2. Double: 72 x 48 inches (182 x 122 cm) - Also known as a full-size mattress, this is suitable for two adults but may feel a bit snug for some.
  3. Queen: 72 x 60 inches (182 x 152 cm) - This size offers more space and is ideal for couples or adults who prefer extra space while sleeping.
  4. King: 72 x 72 inches (182 x 182 cm) - The king size mattress offers ample space for couples or individuals who prefer a more spacious sleeping area.

If you bring your bedroom furniture with you from India we can easily provide you with new mattresses to fit those frames. Every model in our Mississauga showroom can be made in any size you want including those above.

Standard mattress sizes in Canada are found here.