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We are not perfect but we do promise to try very hard when a mistake is made
Oct. 06, 2020

Today there were a few rough patches on a very full delivery day.

The first customer asked for wheels on their steel frame instead of glides and we noticed much too late that we were out of stock on that type of support. It was our fault of course but as an explanation almost no one wants that type these days because pretty much every home has wood flooring now and the wheels will slide around and mark up your hardwood.

I happily drove 100km, there and back, to a supplier to pick them up when I heard this had happened.

A second customer ordered an adjustable bed over the phone and also wanted a waterproof mattress protector. When purchases are made in the showroom we always ask the customer to take protectors, sheets and pillow purchases with them the day they buy. As I am sure you've already surmised we forgot to bring the mattress cover. I was happy to drive 65km during rush hour, there and back, to their home to drop it off. They were very appreciative and thankfuly made me feel good that I had done it for them.

I can't promise service like this every time we slip up, but today was a day where this was happily possible.

When we make our next misstep (and we will) please be kind to the people who are on our team because  they are caring people or I would not have hired them. If you feel the need to vent do so to me, I will be more than happy to listen. 

My people are like family and I will always protect them vigilantly.