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Is it better to choose a too firm or too plush mattress?
May. 04, 2023

The choice between a plush or firm mattress ultimately depends on personal preference and specific needs. Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Sleeping position: Plush mattresses are often better for side sleepers, as they allow for greater cushioning and contouring to the body's curves. Firm mattresses are typically better for stomach and back sleepers, as they provide more support and prevent the body from sinking in too deeply.

  2. Body weight: Heavier individuals may prefer a firmer mattress as it provides more support and prevents them from sinking too deeply into the mattress. Lighter individuals may prefer a plush mattress as it provides more cushioning and contouring.

  3. Health conditions: If you have any health conditions such as back pain, joint pain, or sleep apnea, a firmer mattress may be better suited for you. A plush mattress may exacerbate these conditions by allowing the body to sink too deeply.

  4. Temperature preference: Plush mattresses tend to retain more body heat, which may be uncomfortable for some people. If you tend to sleep hot, a firmer mattress may be more comfortable as it allows for better airflow and cooling.

Ultimately, the best choice between a plush or firm mattress depends on your personal preferences, needs, and sleeping habits. It's always a good idea to test out different mattresses (in person in a mattress showroom like at Nine Clouds Beds)before making a purchase to ensure that you choose one that provides the best support and comfort for you.