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Is it a good idea to measure your three quarter bed frame before buying a mattress?
Mar. 17, 2023

Yes, it is a good idea to measure your three-quarter bed frame before buying a mattress. The size of three-quarter beds can vary, and it is important to make sure that the mattress you purchase will fit correctly in the frame.

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If the mattress is too small, it can shift around (true) and potentially be uncomfortable to sleep on (it will not change the comfort if your 3/4 mattress is too small). If the mattress is too large, it may not fit into the frame properly (three quarter beds often have a lip of a number of inches at each side rail so you have make the mattress fits inside and you leave room to happily tuck in your sheets) and could potentially damage the frame or cause discomfort.

To ensure that you purchase the correct size mattress for your three-quarter bed, measure the width and length of the bed frame and compare it to the standard sizes of three-quarter mattresses (47" x 74") available. It's always better to be sure before making a purchase to avoid any inconvenience or additional expense of returning an ill-fitting mattress. (If you order the wrong size on a custom size no retailer I know of will take it back. We will do what we can to cushion the blow if you need to order a different size but the cost will still be significant so please measure)