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If I want a custom size wooden bed made in Ontario where should I start?
May. 22, 2023

If you want a custom wooden bed made in Ontario, Canada, you have several options. Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Find a Local Carpenter or Woodworker: Check online listings, local hardware stores, or even woodworking schools to see if you can find a skilled carpenter or woodworker in your area. You can provide them with your specific dimensions and design choices, and they can give you a quote.

  2. Custom Furniture Companies: There are many furniture companies that offer custom designs. These companies specialize in high-quality, hand-crafted furniture and might be able to create a custom bed for you.

  3. Online Marketplaces: Websites like Etsy have vendors that may be able to create a custom bed for you. Just search for "custom wood bed" and filter by location to find craftspeople in Ontario.

  4. Blueprints and DIY: If you are handy and have access to the necessary tools, you could design and build the bed yourself. This would involve creating or purchasing blueprints for the bed, buying the necessary materials, and then constructing it.

Remember, custom furniture can be quite costly, so be prepared for that. It's also crucial to make sure you trust the person or company creating your bed, as you want it to be safe, comfortable, and durable. Ask for examples of previous work, check for any reviews or testimonials, and make sure they understand exactly what you want before they begin work.

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