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If I buy a split king adjustable bed do the beds come apart so they can be placed in two different rooms?
May. 24, 2023

A split king adjustable bed is essentially two twin XL beds placed side-by-side, making it equivalent to a king-sized bed in total. The benefit of a split king adjustable bed is the ability to individually adjust the position of each side of the bed, making it ideal for couples with different sleep and comfort preferences.

Regarding your question, because these beds are indeed split into two separate units, you technically could move them into separate rooms. However, you should consider a few things:

  1. Controller: Some split king adjustable bed setups may have a single controller for both bed frames, meaning that if they are separated, one of them won't have the adjustment controls. Check this detail before buying.(all out split king beds have two controllers)

  2. Appearance: The appearance of each individual bed may not be as finished or aesthetically pleasing as a whole bed would be, because they are designed to be used together. (All our beds look just as nice when separated)

  3. Bedding: Bedding for split king beds is typically made up of twin XL sheets and a king comforter. If you split the beds, you'll need to acquire additional bedding appropriate for two separate twin XL beds.

  4. Warranty: Some manufacturers may void the warranty if the bed is used in a manner not intended. It's important to check with the manufacturer before deciding to split the beds into separate rooms. (Warranty is valid if bases are separated with all our split king adjustables)

So, while technically possible, there are practical considerations that might limit the appeal of this idea. If your intention is to use the beds in separate rooms, it might be more straightforward to purchase two separate adjustable beds instead.