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How hard is it to find twin extra long beds?
Aug. 21, 2023

As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, twin extra long beds (often referred to as twin XL beds) were fairly common and easy to find. (The mattresses are easy to find but the bed frames much less so). These beds are commonly used in college dorms and some other settings where space is a concern, and they're also popular among individuals who are taller and need the extra length compared to a standard twin bed.

Twin XL mattresses and bed frames were available at various furniture stores, department stores, online retailers, and specialized mattress stores. They typically came in a range of styles, materials, and price points to suit different preferences and budgets. (If you can find them they typically cost the same as a double size of the same model)

However, availability may vary depending on your location, the current market trends, and any changes that have occurred since my last update. I recommend checking with local furniture stores, online retailers, and mattress outlets to get an accurate sense of how easy it is to find twin extra long beds in your area or on the current market.

Nine Clouds Beds in Mississauga has a number of metal beds and wooden beds that are available in twin extra long size. We're open 355 days a year.