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Guess-the-animal. Exquisite sleep episode 18
Apr. 07, 2019

When we moved to Mississauga in the late 90’s I often made the short drive to drop our daughter off at Apple Tree Daycare. We usually left early so we could play a few extra rounds of the family favourite game “guess-the-animal” in the church parking lot. You had just ten yes or no questions to narrow in on the correct animal answer. She would go first and for the longest time all of us would exchange winks knowing her opening round pick was going to be her favourite the Arctic Fox. 

Countless visits to Marineland, road trips to aquariums on both U.S. coasts and summer courses at the Toronto Zoo lead her five years ago to the environmental science program at UBC.

This fall, almost twenty years after that daycare closed down she’ll be heading to Waterloo to start an Ecotourism Master's Program to study the also wintry Snow Leopard and its relationship with man.

Come September if we play that same game on the ninety minute drive west I wonder if her first guess-the-animal selection will still be the Arctic Fox? No matter what I will sleep exquisitely that night knowing the caring adult she has become.