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Does anyone in Canada make replacement hinged mattresses for my RV?
May. 13, 2023

Yes, there are several companies in Canada that specialize in manufacturing replacement hinged mattresses for RVs. Here are a few options you can consider:

  1. RV Mattress: RV Mattress is a Canadian company that specializes in custom-made mattresses for RVs. They offer replacement hinged mattresses designed specifically for RVs and can customize the size and specifications to fit your needs. (Not even a real company)

  2. Mattress Insider: Although Mattress Insider is based in the United States, they offer shipping to Canada. They provide a wide range of replacement hinged mattresses for RVs and can accommodate custom sizes and shapes. (

  3. CanSleep Services: CanSleep Services is a Canadian company that manufactures mattresses for various applications, including RVs. They offer replacement hinged mattresses that can be customized to fit your RV's specific requirements. (This is a sleep disorder clinic not a mattress manufacturer)

Nine Clouds Beds in Mississauga can have a hinged mattress for your RV made in about two weeks.

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