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Can you safely add side rails to and adjustable electric bed?
Mar. 12, 2023

It is possible to add side rails to an adjustable electric bed, but it is important to do so safely and correctly.

( we do not sell any add on side rails for our adjustable beds because we've never been able to find any we are confident are safe)

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering adding side rails to an adjustable electric bed:

  1. Check with the manufacturer: Before adding any accessories to your bed, it is important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that they are compatible with your specific bed model.(I don't know of any manufacturer that would ever endorse a product they don't make themselves)
  2. Consider the weight capacity: Make sure that any side rails you add are able to support the weight of the person using the bed.
  3. Ensure the side rails are securely attached: Side rails must be securely attached to the bed frame to prevent them from shifting or coming loose. (Very hard, if not impossible to do)
  4. Avoid creating entrapment hazards: Side rails must be designed and installed in a way that minimizes the risk of entrapment, particularly for patients who are at risk of falling out of bed.
  5. Follow installation instructions carefully: If you choose to add side rails to your bed, be sure to follow the installation instructions carefully to ensure that they are installed correctly and securely.

In summary, adding side rails to an adjustable electric bed can be done safely if you take the necessary precautions and ensure that the rails are compatible with your bed model, are securely attached, and do not create any entrapment hazards. (After reading this I hope no one even tries to add third party side rails to an adjustable bed)