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Can you place an adjustable bed inside my existing wooden bedroom suite?
Feb. 09, 2023

It is possible to install an adjustable bed inside your existing wooden bedroom suite, but it would depend on the size of the bed and the dimensions of the suite. If the adjustable bed is smaller in size than your existing bed frame, it may fit inside the suite with minimal modifications. However, if the bed is larger, you may need to make modifications to the suite such as removing the headboard or footboard (Without a headboard and footboard you don't have a bed?), or cutting a portion of the frame to make room for the adjustable bed mechanism. (We have never had to take a saw to a bed in thirty years of delivering our models of adjustable beds)

It is best to measure the dimensions of the adjustable bed and compare it with the dimensions of the existing suite before making any modifications. If you are unsure about the modifications, it may be best to consult a professional carpenter or handyman to assist you. ( I would never reccomend doing this you are way better off buying a new bed frame. Metal/Iron is often a very good choice to compliment an existing wooden bedroom suite as well as offering a point of contrast in your setting)