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Can you make an educated choice on a new mattress without coming in to the showroom?
Jul. 19, 2020

Two sided plush mattress for sale in Mississauga Ontario Canada

I spent the last half hour or so in a Chat Session with customer who was unable to visit Nine Clouds Mississauga showroom. They were looking for a double mattress for a parent and wanted to select a plush double sided model which made the choice of our Memory Lane mattress an easy one. 


608 continuous coil (one piece of wire used throughout the coil system. This prevents the springs from becoming unstable).

Luxurious bamboo cover for coolness and added life.
Two half inch layers of varied density comfort foam to form properly to your body.
3/4 inch layer of high density soy based foam for added support.
Lumbar support for the centre third of your mattress where weight is concentrated.
Heavy duty tempered steel edge guards to maintain the integrity of the border sections.

We had a Memory Lane in stock which means we can deliver Tuesday into the core of Toronto because a delivery day had already been planned to start in Etobicoke and end in the East Beaches. Things don't always work out so well but we will try our best to fit your needed time frame. Just give us a call, send us an email or start a chat session and we'll respond as soon as we can depending on how busy we are with in store customers.