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Can you convert a queen headboard into a double headboard?
Mar. 07, 2023

It may be possible to convert a queen headboard into a double headboard, depending on the specific design and construction of the headboard. However, this conversion would require some modifications to be made to the headboard. (The understatement of the year)

One potential modification would be to shorten the width of the headboard to fit a double-sized bed frame. This could be done by cutting the headboard down to size using a saw, or by removing and replacing the outer sections of the headboard with narrower pieces of wood. (There's probably someone out there that has done this and had a result they were happy with but we do not recommend doing so)

Another option would be to add width to the headboard to make it suitable for a double bed. This could be done by attaching additional pieces of wood to the sides of the headboard to extend its width. ( this makes no sense because a queen headboard is already bigger than a double by six inches)

It's worth noting that converting a queen headboard into a double headboard may not always result in a perfectly balanced or proportionate piece of furniture. Additionally, the modifications required to make this conversion may require some carpentry skills and tools. (All true)

If you're not comfortable making these modifications yourself, you may want to consider working with a professional carpenter or furniture maker to help you modify the headboard to suit your needs. (No question this would be the way to go but be prepared to pay a pretty penny for the job, likely way more than simply buying a brand-new double bed)