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Are split queen mattresses two twins?
Jul. 02, 2023

Yes, split queen mattresses are essentially two twin-size mattresses placed side by side. Each half of the split queen mattress is typically the same size as a standard twin mattress, measuring approximately 30 inches wide by 80 inches long. (100% wrong a twin size mattress is 38-39" x 74-75")

By combining two twin mattresses, you create a split queen mattress that is the same length and width as a regular queen-size mattress. However, it's important to note that even though split queen mattresses consist of two separate pieces, they are typically designed to function as a single unit on a queen-size bed frame.

The purpose of the split in a split queen mattress is to allow for adjustable bed bases or to accommodate individual sleep preferences. Each person sharing the bed can have their own side with different firmness levels or adjustable positions for added comfort and customization.

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