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A solution to stop your bed from slipping on a wooden floor
Aug. 01, 2019

We were not very busy today when and a nice couple entered from the Dundas Street West door.

I greeted them as I every customer “watcha lookin for?” The woman explained that her younger sibling was in a special needs home and he had a twin bed that sometimes slipped on the wooden floor causing him to fall. She was looking for a solution to stop that from happening so I took her to the shelf where we store the rubber furniture cups that we sometimes use under the legs of the adjustable beds we deliever to customers.

I told them I wasn't sure how they would work with her brother's bed ( which is likely much lighter than our electric beds) but I thought there was a good chance. That's great thanks, how much do we owe you? It's my small gift to you just consider us when you next  need a mattress I responded. Her eyes welled up with tears (as mine are doing now while writing this post) as she sincerely thanked me. It was only a small gesture on my part and yet it meant so much to her.

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