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IN Decor
A look back at design trends for 2009
May. 21, 2019

SUMMARY - Design Trends 2009

Environmental awareness continues to make a splash in home décor for 2009.  It was last year’s hottest trend, and while the focus has shifted a bit, natural living and ecological friendliness dominate the color palette for 2009.  A variety of greens, browns and blues are everywhere. They are set off with rich accents of black, luscious reds, deep purples, earthy oranges and warm metallics like gold, copper and bronze. 

Natural materials help to bring the feel of the outdoors into your home in a warm, comforting way.  Stone accents, wood in natural finishes that show off the grain or even left rough-hewn, unbleached and un-dyed textiles and foliage are giving rooms the feeling of the great outdoors without losing the inviting warmth of the snug indoors. 

Another popular way to add depth and interest this year is the use of metals.  Shiny silvers are not what are called for right now; instead we are seeing more warmth and texture in the metal choices available.  Brushed bronze, matte gold and hammered copper can add just the right touch to nearly any room in your home.

Last year’s Asian and Moroccan touches are still in fashion, but even hotter are the patterns of Eastern Europe and Russia.  The bold colors and intricate designs of Suzani patterns and Uzbek folk art add warmth and depth to any room.  The deep reds, purples, oranges and yellows that were so popular in 2008 still harmonize well with the updated ethnic influences of 2009.

Purple was definitely the belle of 2008’s color ball, and the shades on the deeper end of the purple spectrum will still look just as up to date this year.  Eggplant and plum bring a richness that is unparalleled to your environment.  You can use purple nearly anywhere! Whether it is a splash of deep violet in the napkins on your dining room table or soft plush pillows in a beautiful amethyst on your sofa, purple can be just a bit less formal without being overtly casual.

Whatever 2009 will bring, it is neither the year of soft pastels nor is it the year of neutral monochromatic palettes.  You can not afford to be afraid of color.  Everything from walls and furnishings to decorative pieces and small accents can be used to bring color into your home.  Deep earth inspired tones of browns, greens and blues meet the jewel tones of ruby, emerald and sapphire and the food inspired bright colors of mango, apple red, lime green, lemon yellow and pumpkin orange.  Black accents also do their part to really give all of the colors some contrast and pop.

Ecologically friendly, warm and simple – the trends of 2009 reflect the desire of many people to get back to the basics while feeling comfortable and safe in their homes.  Your home is your refuge from the day-to-day struggle in the urban rat race, and how you furnish it can make it even more comfortable and comforting.  Many of the earth elements of design that started making their way onto the home decorating scene the past few years are stepping into the spotlight this year.  Whether you anticipate a year full of family gatherings or have a lifestyle that requires a cozy nest for two, using natural flooring, recycled materials, unbleached fabrics and colors straight from Mother Nature can help you make your home both welcoming and fashionable.