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Store Rating 4.75/5
High quality mattress in a box shipped across Canada


Mattress in a Box Shipped Across Canada

(100% of the items in this category are on display in our Mississauga showroom)

Heaven Sent Latex Mattress
Heaven Sent Latex Mattress
Our most popular latex mattress
$2,299.00 - $4,898.00

$1,649.00 - $3,498.00 on sale
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Blue Sky 100 Two Sided Mattresses
Blue Sky 100 Two Sided Mattresses
Brand new model, soon on display.
$1,049.00 - $1,969.00

$799.00 - $1,399.00 on sale
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Blue Sky 100 Mattress
Blue Sky 100 Mattress
Medium firm bio-foam mattress with a cool gel memory foam layer.
$899.00 - $1,898.00

$649.00 - $1,548.00 on sale
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