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Memory Lane Two Sided Mattress

608 continuous coil (one piece of wire used throughout the coil system. This prevents the springs from becoming unstable).
Luxurious bamboo cover for coolness and added life.
Two half inch layers of varied density comfort foam to form properly to your body.
3/4 inch layer of high density soy based foam for added support.
Lumbar support for the centre third of your mattress where weight is concentrated.
Heavy duty tempered steel edge guards to maintain the integrity of the border sections.

A dual-sided flippable mattress, also referred to as a reversible or double-sided mattress, boasts distinct advantages over conventional single-sided mattresses. Below are several benefits associated with investing in a dual-sided flippable mattress:

Prolonged Longevity: Regularly flipping and rotating the mattress facilitates a more uniform distribution of wear and tear across both sides. This practice can significantly extend the overall lifespan of the mattress by mitigating the development of sagging or indentations that commonly form on a single side over time.

Uniform Wear: Continuously using one side of a mattress for an extended duration can result in uneven wear and compression, leading to discomfort and diminished support. By flipping the mattress, this issue is counteracted, preserving consistent comfort and support on both sides.

Diminished Body Impressions: The weight and pressure exerted by a sleeper can create body impressions over time. Regularly flipping the mattress serves as a preventive measure, slowing down the formation of these impressions and ensuring a more comfortable sleeping surface.

Heightened Comfort: Periodically flipping the mattress can help sustain a consistent level of comfort. If one side starts to feel less comfortable over time, flipping the mattress provides a rejuvenated sleeping surface.

Improved Sleep Quality: The act of regularly flipping the mattress to uphold its structural integrity can contribute to enhanced sleep quality. A uniformly supportive sleeping surface can alleviate discomfort and foster healthier sleep posture.

Economical Choice: Although dual-sided mattresses might appear somewhat pricier initially, their extended lifespan renders them a cost-effective option in the long run. The need for mattress replacement is significantly reduced compared to single-sided mattresses.

Minimal Maintenance: Flippable mattresses often demand less maintenance as a result of their more even wear pattern. The frequency of rotation and flipping required is notably lower compared to the demands of a single-sided mattress.