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Long Lasting Latex Mattress Specialists

(100% of the items in this category are on display in our Mississauga showroom)

Sea of Tranquility Latex Mattress
Sea of Tranquility Latex Mattress
Upgrade to the Moonshadow
$2,799.00 - $4,049.00

$2,099.00 - $2,899.00 on sale
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Heaven Sent Latex Mattress
Heaven Sent Latex Mattress
Our most popular latex mattress
$2,299.00 - $4,898.00

$1,649.00 - $3,498.00 on sale
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Moon Shadow ET Latex Mattress
Moon Shadow ET Latex Mattress
Soft eurotop latex mattress with a very firm supportive foam core
$2,299.00 - $3,449.00

$1,649.00 - $2,399.00 on sale
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Latex foam mattresses are some of the most comfortable mattresses you can buy. They are similar to memory foam mattresses in some respects, but are vastly different in other ways. We wanted to provide you with all of the information so you can make the best decision about your future mattress.

What is latex?

Natural latex is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. Synthetic latex is a man made, chemical latex. Either type is safe and non-toxic. You’ll often find a “blended” latex which uses both synthetic and natural latex, since natural latex can be expensive for manufacturers to produce.

What are the big differences between latex and memory foam?

Both types of foam offer an outstanding sleep experience, since both foam types are capable of conforming to your body and recovering as you move. However, memory foam is always going to bounce back more slowly than latex foam will. It was designed that way.

The two mattress types are also similar because neither requires a box springs. You can rest your new latex mattress right on the floor, if you want. Or you can place it on a platform to give it some additional height.

Latex, however, sidesteps some of the problems that memory foam mattresses offer. They don’t retain heat as much. They also don’t tend to give off VOC odors, especially if they are made of natural or mostly natural materials.

If you have chronic pain, insomnia, or fatigue issues then either type of mattress can be a good choice for you.

A natural latex mattress is the greenest mattress option you can buy.

A natural latex mattress is a 100% plant-derived mattress. It’s one of the only plant-derived mattress types you can buy without sacrificing durability. Cotton or wool mattresses are certainly natural, but they will always be innerspring mattresses, and they will harden over time because your weight will “pack down” those fibers each time you roll over at night. The long-term result is a mattress which does not serve your sleep needs. A cotton or wool mattress is actually less green, since it will end up in the landfill faster.

Obviously synthetic latex is not as green as natural latex, so pay attention to the composition of your latex mattress if you are buying your mattress with an eye towards staying environmentally friendly.

A latex mattress is very clean, safe, and hygienic.

If you have allergies a latex foam mattress is the absolute best choice you can make, even if you opt for a synthetic mattress. They are naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. Dust mites find it impossible to thrive inside of a latex mattress, as well. This could mean a great deal of long-term allergy relief.

What else should you look for in a latex mattress?

First, you should look for latex mattresses with a good, solid outer cover. Wool is a great choice for an outer covering, even if it doesn’t make a great inner mattress material! That’s because it is highly breathable and very soft. It also resists dust mites almost as well as latex does.

You might also see the terms “Dunlop” mattress or “Talalay” mattress. These names refer to the way that a natural latex mattress might have been created. The Dunlop method is still the most common, as it was the original method. There’s nothing wrong with buying a Dunlop mattress. However, many people do believe the new Talalay process offers a more uniform feel. You might try one of each to see if you can tell the difference between the two.

Next, you should be aware of the mattress’ ILD rating. This rating basically measures how firm the mattress really is. A “Super Plush” mattress might have an ILD of 14, whereas a “Super Firm” mattress would have an ILD rating of 40+. An ILD of 28 would be somewhere in between these two extremes.

The rating only gives you a starting point, however. You are not going to know whether or not a given latex mattress is comfortable for you unless you try it out in person. This is why you should never buy a latex mattress online! Instead, stop into our Mississauga, ON show room and try one of our latex mattresses for yourself. Many show rooms don’t stock very many latex mattresses, but we have a fine selection for you to choose from. Stop by today!