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Mississauga Adjustable bed bases in every size

Adjustable Beds

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The Elite Adjustable Bed
The Elite Adjustable Bed
When only the best will do!
$3,699.00 - $7,499.00

$3,299.00 - $6,499.00 on sale
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Split King Oasis Package
Split King Oasis Package
One showroom sample only, complete with two of our most plush foam core mattresses

$4,999.00 on sale
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Exalt Adjustable Bed
Exalt Adjustable Bed
Our customers' favourite model.
$2,799.00 - $5,698.00

$2,599.00 - $5,198.00 on sale
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Split King Wireless Bases
Split King Wireless Bases
Only a few left.
$1,999.00 - $3,998.00

$1,799.00 - $3,598.00 on sale
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Heaven Sent Latex Mattress
Heaven Sent Latex Mattress
Very good quality talalay latex mattress
$2,299.00 - $4,898.00

$1,649.00 - $3,498.00 on sale
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Oasis Adjustable Bed Package
Oasis Adjustable Bed Package
Complete with mattress
$2,899.00 - $5,798.00

$2,199.00 - $4,398.00 on sale
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Voyage Adjustable Bed Package
Voyage Adjustable Bed Package
Complete with mattress
$2,699.00 - $5,398.00

$1,999.00 - $3,998.00 on sale
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You’ve seen them on television. If you’re like most of us, you've probably thought that adjustable beds looked like the kind of thing that only the very wealthy could afford.

In truth, prices on adjustable beds are quite reasonable, and more and more people are starting to enjoy their benefits. We wanted to put together this quick shopping guide to help anyone who has been dreaming about an adjustable bed.

What is included with an adjustable bed?

First thing’s first, the adjustable bed does not usually come with a mattress. When we’re talking about an adjustable bed we’re talking about the bed’s frame, or superstructure.

Does this mean you’ll need to budget for a new mattress too? It depends. If you already had a foam mattress you’re probably in the clear. If you’ve got an innerspring mattress it’s time to upgrade. Innerspring mattresses were just never designed to work with adjustable beds.

In fact, most sleep experts will tell you to choose your mattress before you choose your adjustable bed. If the mattress isn’t working for you then no amount of positioning is going to help you. A good mattress and a good adjustable bed, however, can work together to create a great sleep experience.

What are some differences between adjustable beds?

There are a lot of different adjustable bed options to choose from.

The first thing you should think about are the bed’s safety features. Adjustable beds are perfectly safe when the power is on, but they can get tricky if there’s an outage. Think about it! You’ve just raised the foot of the bed and the head of the bed. It’s a great position to sleep in, but getting out might be a challenge.

One safety feature would just be a “fail safe” method that returns the bed to a flat position the moment the power goes out. The other would be a back-up battery, which would give you enough time to manually return the bed to a safe position.

The next thing you should think about is the bed’s motor. You have two choices here. A DC motor is quieter, and it’s certainly the most common choice. However, an AC motor will be more powerful. Either motor should be powerful enough to handle your bed, but you should think about your own habits. If you’re a fickle sleeper who will need to spend a great deal of time fiddling with the system then you might want a motor who can withstand a little bit more abuse.

Next, you want to think about the bed’s range of motion. Don’t assume the bed will allow you to adjust both ends. Some beds only allow you to adjust the head of the bed. In addition, some beds allow for a wide range of motion, which may be useful if you want to sleep all but sitting up, or if you want to be sure to elevate your legs well above your head. Speak to your sales representative to find out if the bed you’re looking at will accommodate these needs.

Next, you want to think about the bed’s remote. It will either be wired or wireless. A wireless remote certainly makes the bed look and feel a bit less like a hospital bed, but it’s not inherently superior. If you get a wireless remote you might think about purchasing a bed with a remote finder, since nothing would be worse than buying an adjustable bed only to discover that you can’t adjust it at all because the remote’s gotten lost!

Who benefits from an adjustable bed?

Many people benefit from adjustable beds. They help with a wide range of medical conditions, including:

  • Insomnia

  • Back pain

  • Acid reflux/heartburn

  • Swollen ankles

  • Leg and ankle problems caused by diabetes

  • Asthma

  • Snoring

Many couples enjoy adjustable beds because most models allow each person to adjust “their” side of the bed to fit their own comfort.

Who should not buy an adjustable bed?

Dedicated side sleepers should avoid this bed. It was designed to allow people to sleep comfortably on their backs.

Are you ready to try an adjustable bed?

Buying an adjustable bed just isn't like buying other beds. It’s best to get face-to-face with an expert who can answer all of your questions. There is a dizzying array of options to choose from. Choosing the right adjustable bed grows even more complex when you must shop for a new mattress at the same time. So get help! Visit our Mississauga, ON show room and speak to one of our friendly representatives about your new adjustable bed today.