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Queen Orson Platform Bed

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Delivery Time:
5-15 days

Queen Orson Platform Bed

Embrace Elegance and Strength with the Orson Metallic Grey Platform Bed: A Tribute to the Shogun Era

Journey through time and tradition with the captivating Orson Platform Bed, a masterpiece that pays homage to the grace and might of that dramatic era. This bed seamlessly merges the artistry of old-world craftsmanship with the functional demands of the modern age, creating an aesthetic that whispers of the past while embracing the present.

Design Fit for Nobility:
Inspired by the Shogunate's attention to detail and refined tastes, the Orson Platform Bed is adorned with intricate yet sturdy detailing that captures the essence of age-old elegance. Crafted with an artist's touch, its curves and lines echo the architecture of ancient Japanese castles, exuding a sense of regal splendor that once graced the courts of the Shoguns.

Strength in Simplicity:
Much like the unyielding warriors of the that era, this bed is built to last. The robust metal frame, reminiscent of the armor worn by samurai, stands as a testament to its enduring strength. The absence of a box spring echoes the simplicity valued by the Shogunate, making way for the sleek profile of the bed while ensuring stability that withstands the test of time.

Harmony of Form and Function:
Assembling the Orson Bed is an experience akin to the harmony prized by the Shoguns. Follow the intuitive instructions to piece together this masterpiece, and witness the fusion of form and function. The wooden slats, carefully designed to offer optimal support, pay homage to the traditional tatami mat while promoting air circulation for a restful night's sleep.

An Ode to Tranquility:
Allow yourself to be enveloped by the spirit of serenity that the feudal Japan era championed. Whether you're reclining with a contemplative mind or resting after a day of honorable endeavors, the Orson Platform Bed offers a tranquil sanctuary. The atmosphere it creates is a portal to a time when balance was prized, and the beauty of simplicity reigned supreme.

Headboard is 48.5" high and the Footboard is 20.25" high.

Delivery Time:
5-15 days