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We only display 100% Canadian owned & manufactured mattress brands

Gibraltar Plush Mattress

It's a Pocket Coil Spring
Individually wrapped springs have long been an industry standard for comfort. Pocket coil provide independent support that helps keep two people isolated from each others movements better than any other design.

It's uses Bio Foam
Soy based softer bio foam layers offer longer life and more comfort.

It's got lumbar support
Extra layers in the lumbar area provides a longer lifespan and more back support crucial for many.

It's got Cotton Like Fibres
Soft cotton like fibres add breathability while increasing mattress longevity.

Approximately 14” thick.

A two-sided flippable mattress, also known as a double-sided or reversible mattress, has distinct benefits compared to traditional one-sided mattresses. Here are some advantages of purchasing a two-sided flippable mattress:

Extended Lifespan: Flipping and rotating the mattress regularly can help distribute the wear and tear more evenly across both sides. This can extend the overall lifespan of the mattress by reducing the development of sagging or body impressions that can occur on one side over time.
Even Wear: Sleeping on the same side of a mattress over a prolonged period can lead to uneven wear and compression, causing discomfort and reduced support. Flipping the mattress helps counteract this and maintains consistent comfort and support on both sides.
Reduced Body Impressions: Body impressions can form over time due to the weight and pressure of the sleeper. Flipping the mattress helps prevent these impressions from forming as quickly, ensuring a more comfortable sleeping surface.
Enhanced Comfort: Some people find that flipping their mattress periodically helps maintain a consistent level of comfort. If one side starts to feel less comfortable over time, flipping the mattress can offer a fresh sleeping surface.
Better Sleep Quality: Maintaining the mattress's integrity by flipping it can lead to better sleep quality. An even and supportive sleep surface can alleviate discomfort and promote better sleep posture.
Cost-Effective: While two-sided mattresses might initially seem more expensive, their longer lifespan can make them cost-effective in the long run. You won't need to replace your mattress as frequently as you might with a one-sided mattress.
Less Maintenance: Flippable mattresses often require less maintenance because they wear more evenly. You won't need to rotate and flip as frequently as you might need to with a one-sided mattress.