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Adjustable Beds
Mississauga Adjustable bed bases in every size

Exalt Adjustable Bed

Our most popular model

Exalt Adjustable Bed

The Exalt Adjustable bed has all of the most important, must have, features of beds that are much more costly including, memory presets, snore button, wall hugger design, massage, under bed light, adjustable leg height and more.

What Size Should I Choose?
The room size and furniture used in the room could place restrictions on the size you order and equally important is what width and length bed makes you most comfortable.

It is highly recommended that you select an Extra-Long (80" long instead of 75") version if you decide on a twin or double size because when you raise your head position with an adjustable bed it will push you a little forward toward the foot of the bed shrinking the size.

If you're choosing a queen or a king size adjustable, and two people will be sleeping in it, 99.99% of purchasers select a bed that is split in half allowing each person to remote control their half of an electric bed.

The Remote Control
The remote control operates the Exalt via a seamless wireless connection just like a tv's clicker. It has Illuminated raised touch keys that will make pressing the right button in the dark a snap. As well there is now an under bed ambient light that can be easily turned on from your remote. This will make it much easier to find your way back to bed in the middle of the night without tripping over bedroom furniture or stubbing a big toe. Both these features mean there will be no more turning on a side table lamp that wakes up your partner in the middle of the night

Additional features include the ability to store two favourite comfort positions to memory, and you will have two favourite positions! Many customers have a preset for reading a book or watching TV and some can't live without the “slight head up and slightly more legs up” weightless position that helps take the stress out of an aching back. This function alone can literally change lives.

It's A Wall Hugger
It's equipped with the Wall-Hugger feature (in every size but split queen) that positions the Exalt the same distance from your wall no matter how high the head portion of the bed is elevated. This will prevent your having to reach awkwardly behind your back to pick up that morning cup of coffee or bestselling novel from a nightstand. If you’re having trouble visualizing this benefit just drop by the showroom. A short test drive will make bring a smile to your face.

The Massage Feature
Let's not forget the upper and lower body massage, including wave action, to relax sore muscles from head to toe. We've had customers refuse to get off the showroom demonstrator model until the massaging stops. They'll say "I'm buying it, don't worry, but I'm not getting up until it stops (just to be clear it will stay on for thirty minutes and they know it)

It has USB ports

Pretty much all of us take our devices to bed today and while we’ve figured out a way to keep them powered it’s always been jerry-rigged, well no longer. Underneath the head end of every Exalt adjustable bed you’ll find two USB ports to power both you phone and tablet, o surf away!

Many Heights From The Floor Possible

The height of the top of your adjustable base foundation can be set anywhere from 10.875" to 21". Just add the thickness of your chosen mattress to determine the total height from the floor. Other total heights are achievable with the purchase of 4 packs of accessory legs at $39-69. Lockable rolling castors are available as well but we only recommend them if your room flooring is wall to wall carpet because castors can mark up wood flooring.

It Will Fit Inside Your Existing Bed
You may own a bedroom suite that you love, well have no fear that that bed will need to be replaced. The Exalt will fit right inside of your heirloom bed. Our delivery team ensures this because they’ve literally never ever met a headboard and footboard with side rails that The Supreme can’t be placed inside of. If you own an existing headboard (only) you can attach it to your new adjustable bed with the purchase of a set of brackets.

It Can be Placed on Your Existing Platform Bed

The Exalt is a zero clearance adjustable bed which means no legs need to be attached to the bottom of your bed to allow the motors to work properly. The Exalt can simply be placed on your wooden slats or solid surface mattress platform.

The Snore Button
Every split queen and split king Supreme adjustable comes equipped with a snore button which should actually be called the “anti snore button”. When your partner is snoring simply grab the remote for their half of the bed and press “snore”. This will quietly elevate their head section by a slight seven degrees which in many cases is all that’s needed to change the airflow issue that’s caused their snoring. In fifteen minutes their base will automatically return to flat with the both of you returned to a peaceful sleep.

It Will Be Easier To Change Your Sheets
With an Exalt bed it’s going to be much easier to put on your sheets, particularly the fitted one. First raise the foot end of your bed to its maximum height which will leave a gap under the bottom of your mattress that will make it easy to slip on the bottom end of your fitted sheet. Second raise the head end of your bed up at least half way. This will reduce the effective length of your mattress as it follows the shape of your adjustable base and make the top end of your mattress much easier to access. Then easily slip on the top end of your fitted sheet.

What If There's A Power Outage?
Your base comes with a plug in power outage module that replaces your AC power supply. It requires two 9 volt batteries (not included) that will move your base to the flat position one time.

You can attach a headboard
A headboard only bracket kit is available for $149

The listed price does not include mattresses

If You Have Questions
Please contact us in all the usual ways if you have any questions but for sure it would be best if you drop by our showroom and take the Exalt for a spin. We can’t wait to see where it transports you.