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Help Decorating Your Bedrooms

Bedroom Decorating Help

Bedroom décor can often be one area that is frequently overlooked or at least put off until a later time because it is not one of the public areas within the home.

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Regardless of whether others tend to see our bedrooms or not, it is still important to give some thought and consideration to planning the décor of your bedroom. A bedroom should be a space that serves as a comfortable retreat, a place where you can rest when you are exhausted, a getaway from the rest of the world and a room that provides a glimpse into your own personality.

Bedroom Decorating Guide and Tips

The first step in decorating any bedroom, whether it is the master bedroom, your child’s bedroom or a spare guest room is to look at the layout of the room. While it would be wonderful it all bedrooms were spacious this is not always the case. Some bedrooms are larger than others, some contain obstructions that must be worked around and some simply have an odd layout. Regardless of the layout; however, you can usually find a unique way in which to design the room so that it feels fresh and interesting.

While one of the most traditional techniques is to place a bed with the headboard flush against a wall, you may wish to use a more interesting technique. One of the most popular techniques is to place the headboard of the bed in the corner of the room. This will make the bed the focal point of the room, which can be advantageous if you have an interesting headboard.

Of course, if you happen to have a gorgeous view outside the window of your bedroom, it is also a good idea to position the bed so that it faces the window. This will allow you to wake up every morning to an inspiring and rejuvenating view.

Ultimately, the type of bed which you choose should be aligned with your personal style. If you happen to have a deep romantic streak, you may wish to choose a canopy style bed. While canopy bedswith four posters are among the most traditional options, there also many other options available on the market as well. For example, you may wish to choose a crown canopy, which does not offer as much enclosure, yet still gives the hint of draping.

For a more unique and modern look, consider a bed with mixed materials. Mixed wood and metal headboards in a variety of styles are currently quite popular. These types of beds look great with solid bedding as well as geometric patterns.

Wood beds can easily lend a traditional look or a more modern look depending on the design and the accents and bedding that are used in conjunction with them. A sleigh bed, for example, is a very popular traditional style of bed that can be easily combined with plush bedding to create a traditional, classic look in your bedroom.

Of course, if you are after a more modern look you might consider the same sleigh bed featuring modern lines and combined with solid colors, stripes or geometric patterns.

While a bedroom should be pleasing to the eye it should also be comfortable as well. In many cases, bed partners have difficulty in finding a bed that suits both their preferences. This could be because one person needs to be elevated while sleeping while the other prefers a flatter position for improved comfort. A split adjustable bed can provide a perfect compromise that will suit the needs of both people.

When it comes to actually decorating your bedroom, your tastes will play a large role. If you like the idea of a shabby chic look in the room it may not be necessary to obtain matching side tables, dressers and chests. In this case, you can easily mix and match iron and wood to create a hodgepodge that is quite pleasing to the idea. If you are looking to create a more traditional and classic look; you will naturally wish to choose a wooden headboard and matching side tables. A more modern look would typically employ an iron headboard and complimentary side pieces.

Decorating the Spare Room or Guest Room

Decorating a spare room or guest room can be somewhat of a challenge, especially if the room must serve dual purposes; as is often the case. In many situations, a guest room also serves as a home office. Even if you must also use your guest room for another purpose it is important to keep in mind that you can still create a guest room that is comfortable and pleasant for your guests.

One way to furnish a room that needs to serve dual purposes is to use a futon. During the day a futon provides the perfect place to lounge while another family member works on the computer. It also provides a comfortable place to watch TV or play games if your spare bedroom also happens to be the family room. When you are expecting company, the futon can be easily converted into a comfortable bed. Futons are available in a wide variety of different frame designs to perfectly compliment the rest of your furnishings.

For example, you may wish to choose a solid wood futon frame with a magazine rack on the sides. This type of futon frame actually does not really look any different from any other seating arrangement. When it is folded out; however, it provides comfortable sleeping accommodations.

For a more modern and trendy look you might also wish to consider a leather futon. This type of bed and seating arrangement is certainly modern looking yet versatile enough to serve dual purposes. Leather futons are also perfect for studio apartments in which living space and sleeping space are often all in one.

In addition to futons, daybeds also form a versatile seating and sleeping option for spare rooms and guest rooms. Trundle beds, which pop up, can double the amount of sleeping space you are able to offer guests.

To make a workspace and spare room even more versatile consider using an armoire computer desk that can be easily closed so your work area is closed and hidden from view when you have guests spending the night.

When it comes to colors for a spare bedroom, try to keep the colors as neutral and calm as possible. This will give you a serene environment in which to work and provide a calm place for your guests to rest.

To ensure plenty of storage space as well as floor space, consider using a portion of the closet to store office supplies and reference books while reserving the other section of the closet for your guests to hang clothing. This will eliminate the need to take up a lot of floor space with shelves. You may even find that you have enough space left over to create a small seating area.

Decorating a Girls Bedroom

Decorating a girl’s bedroom can be fun and easy as many little girls tend to prefer certain design elements. Butterflies and flowers tend to show up in many decorating schemes; however, a number of girls also prefer character themes. The ever popular princess theme is frequently a hit.

Generally, it is a good idea to involve the child in the choices used in the selection of her room décor. Almost all girls have very decided ideas regarding their preferences. If they are involved in the design decisions, they are more likely to feel comfortable in the room as well as to help in keeping their room neat and well-maintained.

While elementary age girls can certainly help in making the decisions regarding their bedroom décor, tweens and teens can actually assist in the process of decorating their room. This can be a great bonding project for daughters and parents. Begin by discussing ideas which she may have and then move on to reviewing decorating sites, magazines and catalogs to find a design that will work for her style and your budget. While working on the design of her room you may be quite surprised to learn something about her personality you did not know.

There are a number of ways in which decorating a girls room can be approached. If the girl in question has a favorite color, it can be quite easy to begin with that color as a base and then build the design around it. Accent pieces, window treatments and wall borders are all examples of ways in which you can color can be used.

The choice of bed in a girl’s room can usually help to form the focal point for the room. When choosing a bed, it is often best to consider a bed and headboard that can grow with the child. There are a number of ways to do this. A canopy bed, for example, can easily be outfitted with soft draperies that are appropriate for a younger girl and then updated with something more mature as she grows older. Twin headboards, including wood headboards and wrought iron headboards, are also examples of furnishing pieces that can grow with the age of the child when combined with age appropriate bedding selections.

Daybeds are always a popular hit with girls of all ages because they provide easy seating space during the day and a comfortable place to rest at night. Trundle daybeds also provide space for all of those sleepovers she is sure to have through the years, without taking up valuable floor space. If space is truly at a premium in her room, you may also wish to consider a daybed with under bed storage. If you do decide to outfit her room with a daybed, be sure to consider a complete daybed linen package that contains the specially sized comforter as well as shams, bolsters and pillows.

Decorating a Boy’s Bedroom

Decorating a boy’s bedroom can sometimes be viewed as somewhat of a challenge; however, when broken down into segments decorating a boy’s bedroom can be just as interesting and easy as decorating a girl’s bedroom.

As with a girl’s bedroom it is often best to attempt to design a bedroom that he will enjoy for several years rather than a bedroom in which he is likely to lose interest after just a few months. While many children frequently have favorite characters, they will likely outgrow those interests within a year at the most. One way to compromise on this topic is to create a bedroom that can easily grow with your child and then focus their character interests in items that can be easily replaced without too much expense such as with window treatments, bedding and accent pieces.

Larger items, such as beds and headboards, should be chosen with the idea that they will continue to serve the child for several more years. Wooden headboards are often the best choice for boys. When boys are young, wooden headboards can easily serve as the backdrop for a nautical theme or cowboy theme; both of which are often quite popular with young boys. When he grows out of these themes wooden headboards can easily be integrated into a more mature theme, particularly with the use of dark solid colors and plaids.

When it comes to colors, you may find that it is best to begin with his favorite color. If the color he has chosen is too dark for the actual wall color, you can always paint the wall a neutral color and then incorporate his favorite color into stencils, wall borders, etc.

There are a number of different design elements and accent pieces that can be incorporated into a boy’s bedroom, including framed posters of favorite movie and cartoon characters. You may also choose to display some of his own artwork in his room. Murals depicting favorite scenes, such as a jungle or space scene also tend to be popular with young boys. These can be easily created so they are appropriate for all ages. In the event he does outgrow it, it can be easily painted over as he grows older.

Finally, do not forget to include plenty of storage for clothing and toys. Wooden toy boxes and crates are ideal for young boys and can be easily converted into other uses when they are older. A desk is also a great item to include in any young child’s room. When they are young, a desk provides the perfect surface for all of those building activities which young boys tend to enjoy and as they grow older it will provide the ideal study setting.