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Obsidian Extra Firm PT

Super firm high density soy based foam core with the slightest of bamboo pillow tops. And it is made two sided so you can flip it over for a much extended lifespan.
Close to 12" thick.

A flippable mattress, also referred to as a double-sided or reversible mattress, offers distinct advantages in comparison to traditional one-sided mattresses. Below are several benefits associated with investing in a flippable mattress:

Prolonged Durability: Regularly flipping and rotating the mattress aids in distributing the wear and tear evenly across both sides. This practice extends the overall lifespan of the mattress by minimizing the development of sagging or impressions that can occur on a single side over time.

Uniform Wear: Lengthy use of a single side of a mattress can result in uneven wear and compression, leading to discomfort and reduced support. Flipping the mattress counteracts this issue, ensuring consistent comfort and support on both sides.

Diminished Body Impressions: The weight and pressure of a sleeper can cause body impressions to form over time. By flipping the mattress, the formation of these impressions is slowed down, resulting in a more comfortable sleeping surface.

Heightened Comfort: Periodic flipping of the mattress helps maintain a stable level of comfort. If one side begins to feel less comfortable over time, flipping the mattress offers a refreshed sleeping surface.

Improved Sleep Quality: Keeping the mattress's structural integrity intact through regular flipping contributes to improved sleep quality. A uniformly supportive sleep surface alleviates discomfort and encourages healthier sleep posture.

Economical Choice: Although two-sided mattresses might carry a higher upfront cost, their extended lifespan translates to long-term cost-effectiveness. The need for mattress replacement is less frequent compared to one-sided mattresses.

Reduced Maintenance: Flippable mattresses often demand less maintenance due to their even wear pattern. Rotating and flipping are required less frequently compared to the maintenance needs of one-sided mattresses.