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The babies are gone. Mattress & Bed Blog: Exquisite Sleep - Episode 3
Oct. 12, 2009


Large gap between kids for years. Then two in two years. What was in that water in Oakville anyway?

A decade later we now live in Mississauga but I still call the two youngest "the babies" something I think they have happily gotten used to. When they were younger they constantly scolded me for using my special term of endearment "we are not babies anymore!" but daily repetition seems to have worked.

Staffing issues have caused my wife and I to take separate vacations over the last year and she is down-south with "the babies" for the week. For me it's like a quick flash forward to a time when the babies will be gone and our house, that once seemed just right in size, will feel large and empty.

Many couples talk about that day when the last child is gone in glowing terms. Freedom at last! I don't think that will happen for me and it was a little sad walking through the front door to such a quiet house. It was a little difficult to sleep well last night, even on a really comfy mattress. Exquisite sleep will return in six days.