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Nostalgia For The Light: Exquisite Sleep Episode 10
Jan. 15, 2011

Our twelve year old son had the day off from school yesterday. I decided (I purchased the tickets without asking him) he should join us at the movies. I am always on the lookout for well reviewed feature films, a search that over the last few years has been conducted exclusively online. Recently we received an almost free subscription (hah!) to the Toronto Star. I skimmed through the entertainment section quickly noticing a four out of four review of a film that as a bonus was playing at the new TIFF Bell Lightbox. The lead photo (my only clue as to the topic) for the review was similar to the one above. I am one of those who wishes to go into a cinema knowing as little as possible about a movie in order to maintain surprise. Well surprise is what I got, as "Nostalgia For The Light" slowly climbed history's ladder from telescopes exploring the origins of the universe, to ten thousand year old etchings of long lost tribes, to the decades old bone fragments of those murdered by the Chile's Pinochet regime, yikes. It seems the air in the Atacama Desert is the one place on earth with zero percent humidity. This makes it as perfect for astronomers peering telescopes, as it is for archaeologists inquisitive digs, as it is for the success of heartbreaking searches (albeit a remote chance, only because of it's vastness) for decades old remains by still grieving Chileans. I sat beside our, mature for his years, son fairly confident that he could handle the message but looking for signs of overt dissatisfaction.....nothing. Later over lunch he gave the movie an all time low (he likes everything!) 5 out of 10. Offered with no malice, this was the only indication that he had not enjoyed "Nostalgia For The Light" or his afternoon with his parents. Our youngest is growing into a man and I slept exquisitely last night.