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Memory Foam Beds-Hot as they're cracked up to be?
Dec. 12, 2009


Visco elastic memory foam was invented by NASA. It helped keep astronauts comfortable while they spent long periods of time in their flight chairs. Memory foam performed well in this function and this quickly lead people to look for other uses. By far the most popular use was in the manufacturing of mattresses. Many beds from the likes of Sealy, Serta, Simmons and others  have some visco elastic memory foam incorporated in their construction. Please note when you are out shopping, any bed that specifies memory foam is used but does not indicate how much will always have less than 1/2", and sometimes as little as 1/4".  This amount of memory foam is there only as a sales tool for the store and will be virtually unnoticeable to the end user. The closer a memory foam layer is to the top cover of your bed the more noticeable it will be. Place your hand on the mattress cover and push down a few inches. If the bed has a significant amount of visco (close to the top)  the cover will slowly rise back to its original position.

Memory Foam mattress Mississauga

  As with all beds memory foam is available in many price ranges. The feel will be different from each supplier and perhaps more importantly the longevity will vary greatly.  You may find two beds that feel very similar, I recommend buying the more expensive one as it will feel the same as the day you bought significantly longer. For many customers this is truly worth every penny. Most master bedroom mattress sets will last ten years. When you spread this amount over a decade you'll only have spent a few hundred dollars a year! Visit our Mississauga, Ontario mattress showroom to test our many memory foam  models today