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Latex Mattresses, the natural way to go. From Mississauga's Nine Clouds Beds
Dec. 04, 2009

Latex mattress Mississauga

Latex beds are becoming very popular in North America have sold in wide numbers in Europe for years. Latex  mattresses have a higher elasticity than alternative memory foam beds. Latex foam will feel like it is trying to return to its uncompressed form (fast even bounce back). For many this is a positive thing as they will experience less memory foam slow bounce back cratering during the night. Some people shun latex due to allergies issues. Triggering of this allergy, however, requires skin contact. This very unlikely with the latex blends that are currently used. It is also felt that the proteins that trigger latex allergies are washed during the preparation of the latex's which are used in the making of mattresses today, making the triggering of these allergies even less likely. Because of its resiliency your new latex bed will often last twice as long as conventional spring mattress sets. This longevity will decrease the lifetime cost of your new set helping overcome the high initial outlay.


Vist our Mississauga latex mattress showroom.. Delivery available right into your bedroom a number of times a week in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Etobicoke.