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Does anyone ever buy just half of a split queen adjustable bed?
Mar. 21, 2019

We had a customer the other day who wanted a Daybed that was only 30” deep (they are all very close to 40”) because that’s all the space they had in a home office.

After telling them “no can do” I took them to the rollaway bed section of our Mississauga showroom because the smallest version of our rollaways is just 30” across. It was an imperfect solution for sure because a rollaway bed has wheels and they are not lockable but it would work in the space.

They came into the store with a budget of $1500 and the rollaway complete with an inexpensive bendable mattress costs only $399 so they inquired about upgraded mattresses that could be made in this special size (they would have to leave the rollaway open all the time)

I took them to the adjustable bed section to try our most comfortable latex mattresses when a solution suddenly stared me in the face. How about one half (30”x80”) of this floor sample split queen adjustable bed that was on sale?

They were very excited because it pretty much fit their original budget but had to go home measure whether the length would work for sure.

I think they’ll be back, I just hope that floor model is still available.