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21st Birthday Craft, Brother to Brother- Exquisite Sleep Episode 9
Nov. 21, 2010


It was our oldest son's twenty first birthday last Wednesday. Our youngest set his mind to decorating the house before his brother got home from work. Below I will feebly attempt to crawl inside his head and understand his thought process. He is twenty one, this is supposed to be a big deal right? How can we celebrate 21? What else equals 21? 21 and celebrate what connects them? Eureka (says the blogger clearly dating himself) 21 gun salute! No cannons allowed in our house hmm...?  I could draw cannons? But I kinda suck at drawing? Eureka number two! That night a newly minted twenty one year old angled up the stairs towards his bedroom and was greeted on either side by twenty one 8 1/2 by 11 paper sheets that looked like this! (please scroll down) . . . . . .

Having a son with a mind like this makes sleep exquisite.